Equipping Evangelists Training Network (EETN)

The Equipping Evangelists Training Network (EETN) is a fellowship of experienced equipping evangelists credentialed and contracted with The Cross Current to personally train another likeminded saint for conversational evangelism alongside any others the evangelist is already equipping.

Illustratively, the EETN is like a doctrine and practice driving school for conversational evangelism. Trainees are approved through their home church leaders to complete basic online training and then walk with the EETN Trainer in their own local mission field for 24 field hours (or 3-6 months).

As experienced equipping evangelists, EETN Trainers can also be on-ramped to our coaching track to help multiply gospel ministry in their own churches through equipping their own saints for conversational evangelism in gospel missions partnership together.

The EETN is scheduled to officially launch late 2024.

Contact Us for more information on getting equipped by an EETN evangelist or equipping others as an EETN evangelist.